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Forever Foster

Very Special Adopter or Forever Foster Wanted!!! Dopey is a 22 month old Saint Bernard we have had a year! He had a lot of issues when he came in that needed extensive medical work - surgical work - we thought. After multiple vets were consulted, X-rays, bloodwork, Eye surgeon appointment we have decided not to euthanize him but rather let him live out his life comfortably for as long as he can.

The eye surgeon said no Entropion surgery was needed, we found the issues with hair loss around his eyes was just allergies. We did bloodwork too, to check for any sign of autoimmune issues and his bloodwork was perfect. Now for the big ones, Dopey has a weird gate which we assumed he had possibly a previous torn CCL and would need surgery. What we found was shocking! He actually had broken his femur at a very young age, likely 4-6 months!! His previous owners did nothing!!! He was surrendered to us at 10-11 months old. Thus his left leg, to heal on its own the growth plate closed - which in turn made his leg shorter than the other. His hips are also awful and he has hip dysplasia but his knee, that's the weird part - his knee cap sits on the outside of the knee completely out of socket on the shorter leg.

Thus to fix his issues, he would need his femur cut and a spacer implanted, a complete knee reconstruction and 2 hip replacements!! This would take 3-4 years to complete and about $35,000-40,000!!! Not to mention the PAIN he would suffer for those years! That would put him at 6 years old!!! Then his life expectancy could be 8-12 years old... No way to predict it....

This is not a well bred dog, but he is the sweetest boy and the crazy thing is he has adapted to his issues and currently has NO PAIN on his supplement regimen!! He LOVES kids, great with other dogs that are larger dogs, not good with little dogs and currently lives with a cat in his foster home and does well there too! He lives with 3 Giants currently. He grew up with younger children, he loves loves loves kids - we don't get them like that often. He plays, runs, does good with his skills but we do not force SIT with him either. He is crate trained, potty trained and loves people to give him love!

We have decided that we will do one of 2 things for him. Because he is not in any pain, currently doing well on supplements we can let him go to a very loving Adoptive home or to a "Forever Foster". An adoptive home would be like any other, responsible for his care and decisions for the care they would like to provide. Or we can place him in a Forever Foster, where we would continue to be responsible for his medical care and decisions, we would pay for his annual visits, pain medication to keep him comfortable as he ages, but ultimately it would be up to us when the pain is to great to let him cross the Rainbow bridge. We will not let him suffer.

We have a few of these "forever fosters" in our rescue, we and our incredible donors provide support, love and care for. We truly want Dopey to live out his life happily and pain free as long as possible! He is an amazing dog that another irresponsible owner did nothing to help and now the price in pain is far to much to fix it . This isn't about money, it's about comfort and letting him live a good life while he can!!!

Dopey also has heterochromia which is one Blue eye and One Brown eye. He is only a smaller guy, around 110-125 pounds and keeping him lean is extremely important for his quality of life. He does have some slight vision impairment in one eye, unfortunately we can't fix that either but know it's there. When you put a treat in front of his face he sometimes mis-judges it's location off by an inch or so. We think its peripheral loss on the blue side. He walks great, functions fine and we just know it's a slight impairment.

Dogs like Dopey, not well bred, not cared for properly- well we see too much of it rescue but they deserve a loving home as it wasn't their fault. It was a greedy breeder that didn't health test, didn't do right by their dogs or puppies and add that to an irresponsible owner who could not provide proper care, nutrition and health care for him either. It's a mess - just being honest and the worst part is it happens to the very best tempered dogs!!!

Can you consider giving this boy a loving forever home? Can you cater to his special needs, never let him on stairs, teach him how to walk a ramp to load in the car, let him live a healthy fufilling life, provide supplements, good food and a warm loving home for however many years he has left? This guy deserves that! His current foster is extremely experienced in behavior and medical cases and we truly need her for other fosters. So we would like to only have to move him once. If you think you have the heart to help, please reach out for an application!

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