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This is Sally, the one who started it all!  Our first rescue! She was abandoned in Adriana's apartment complex dog park with food, bowls and leashes. She was a stunning senior Labrador that had fatty tumors all over her. We thought maybe the tumors are what made someone do this, but we will never really know.


Sally suffered such trauma from this experience and had awful anxiety from that day forward. She was so lucky to land in wonderful foster homes and finally a forever home! She crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021 but she will forever be a legend and hold a very big part of many hearts! This girl was amazing in so many ways and we feel blessed to have found her when she needed us!

The day after this, we got a call about two puppies that were going to be shot because the owner thought they were too much of a burden. We had a crash course in bottle feeding, learned to treat terrible mange and we got them through it!  Koivu & Simba were mastiff mixes and too found incredible forever homes!

Adriana said: "I never expected to start a nonprofit animal rescue at 21 years old, but sometimes the universe has different plans for you!


She had always wanted to have a rescue, so Shannon agreed to jump in full throttle and Adriana's Saints and Angels Rescue was born!  Saints for our beloved Saint Bernards and  Angels for our other dogs and cats.

We have been blessed to meet many other rescues & rescuers that encouraged and helped us navigate this new world. We have met so many wonderful people, supporters, and donors on this journey.  We are so grateful for all of you who continue to make Adriana's dream a reality!!!

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