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Doberman Pinscer


Fostered in:

2 Years


ADOPT Creed!!! Creed is an 19 month old Doberman Pincher who is in search of his HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER HOME!!

Creed was owned by an elderly man, where he lived outside his entire life as an only dog. Since coming into rescue, he absolutely LOVES being part of a pack!! He is happy and goofy, all things Doberman as well!

Currently located in Oklahoma but we ADOPT NATIONWIDE and deliver nationwide or to Canada!!!

Creed is Neutered, up to date on vaccines and preventions and just needs a family and couch to call his own! He is so loving, so silly, so fun and enjoys life on the farm where he is fostered! He does need consistency on his leash skills and basics but definitely has a good foundation to work with!

This guy deserves all the love and spoils of life with a family who can adore him and handle his exuberant personality .

He loves males or female dogs, no preference! He has never been around cats or chickens, but does great around the horses, zebra and livestock at his current foster. He can be vocal at times, but that is all about training!

Creed never lived with children, so kids over 10 or very experienced owners would be needed.

If interested in adopting Creed, please pm for an application!

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