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Great Dane/Treewalker Hound mix


Fostered in:

4 Months


These beautiful ladies are Dane/Tree walker Hound mixes and they are absolutely the SWEETEST babies. They were the last 3 of 11 in their litter. Their momma rescued their momma not knowing she was pregnant. We were happy that we could step in and help find these girls the best home.

This girl is such a sweetheart! She loves playing with other dogs and cats. She knows when to stop playing if she senses the cat or another dog is getting annoyed. She walks best on a slip lead rather than a regular collar. But she does great with recall! As soon as you call her name, she comes running to you and will sit She loves to cuddle up in bed or on the couch. She will let us know when she has to potty by whimpering. If she does have an accident in the house, it’s in my basement on the pads I leave down there when I’m not home. Sophia does fine in a crate but will just whine for 5 mins then stops (it used to be the whole time when she was in there so this is a big improvement for her!). This girl loves everyone she meets especially little kids! She needs more confidence building which we are working on because she does get a little scared when other dogs bark, she tries to run back in the house or wants to jump on our laps. She’s not very vocal but if she does bark, it’s usually at something climbing in the trees like birds or squirrels then she’ll get scared and run back to me lol.

Sophia would make the best family companion! Very laid back and will just chew on her bones/toys if she’s not playing with my boys or cuddling on your lap. We love her so much and she’s super smart! She learns so fast. We can’t wait to see her blossom even more in her forever home.

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