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Snowball Sky


Great Pyrenees


Fostered in:

1 Year


Welcome 10 month old, Snowball Sky, Great Pyrenees, to the ASAR Rescue family!!! This sweet girl arrived and is settling in well!!

Currently in Oklahoma but we ADOPT NATIONWIDE and transport nationwide!!

She was absolutely in love with Shelley's grandaughter too! Let's give this sweet young lady some huge kudos for knowing how to approach a new dog, hand dog below chin and palm up to the sky! Snow immediately then approached for love and pets!

Snow is great with all dogs, kids and we will cat test here. She is fully vetted and ready to go to a foster or adoptive home!!!

We pulled her from a rural Oklahoma shelter which was forced to remove her from her home. They left her outside and she barked (surprise it's a GP!) but she constantly wanted inside  she is NOT an outdoor dog, they just wanted to breed her for profit. Well, trust me no one needs to breed Pyrenees right now! The shelter and we intervened and got her spayed and they no longer wanted her so signed over rights! So saving Snowball saved multiple lives in the future too!

This girl is a Princess  meant for a couch to cuddle on!!

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