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Fostered in:

2 years


Village, we need your help! This sweet boy, a Great Pyrenees male we named Shadow, was found in Tuttle, Oklahoma as a stray and was in awful shape!

He is the sweetest boy, so gentle, so trusting! He is currently at City of Tuttle Animal Control and shelter on stray hold.

We went down to help our amazing ACO get him shaved and cleaned up. He has awful puncture wounds on his neck, legs, face and body! He was covered in hundreds of ticks and just needs medical care for his bad abcesses and then all basic vetting.

We believe to be approximately 2-4 years old and he loved all the dogs at the shelter, allowed us to shave and clean him up well without any muzzle or growling when he was in obvious pain!

He didn't bother the mouser kitty either! He is incredibly gentle, but if not claimed we want so much to help him!!

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