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Dane/Tree walker Hound Mix


Fostered in:

16 weeks


Rose is not only a ridiculously adorable puppy, she’s so polite. She sits patiently waiting for attention, cookies, or food. Instead of being crazy and bouncing off the walls, “hey! Hey! Me! Me!” She’s “whenever you have a chance, please.”

She’s doing very well with house training, loves practicing her commands a couple times a day. Rose is an absolute cuddle monster and there’s never enough squeezes, hugs and kisses (agreed!) She’s smart so should be an easy dog to train with only a lil Dane sassiness to make you laugh. Might have to adopt her tongue separately bc it definitely seems like it’s got its own plans.

She is as sweet as her namesake Betty White’s character. She’s bound and determined to be adorable and a lil dramatic

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