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Pyrenees Mix


Fostered in:

18 months


Welcome Paxton to the #ASAR rescue family. This beautiful Great Pyrenees mix was dumped along with 5 other dogs in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. A wonderful group called Angel Fund rescued them all and we took this boy. They found fosters or rescue for most of the others.

Unfortunately most were in tact males and one small black pitbull who was in heat. Thus fighting ensued and Paxton has a swollen lip and a few ugly bite wounds. They had him fully vetted, cleaned up his coat, bathed and blew him out and he is with us on the mend.

Once the female was removed everyone was extremely dog friendly and so amazingly sweet. This boy is really emaciated at 86 pounds, he needs a good 20+ pounds to get put back on him. We will get him there!

I truly will never understand how someone can dump animals to fend for themselves and drive away, how do they feel? Do they ever think of them again? I just cry at the thought of it all.  

Regardless of his last owner, what they were going through, this boy is safe and the tail wags and begs for love are such a joy. He will never want that way again, he will forever have our village of love and support. We also hope for an amazing forever home!  

We will keep you updated but he will be ready for a foster soon. Pm if interested.

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