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Saint Bernard


Fostered in:

2 years


Welcome Niko to #ASAR rescue family!!! Niko is a 2 year old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix male who was dumped in urban Oklahoma city. He wandered for a long time until a wonderful person agreed to hold him until rescue was found. We stepped up, even though we are overwhelmed. He is currently located in Oklahoma but we foster/adopt nationwide!

No microchip, no collar, a bit underweight but not terrible. He has a wound on his front shoulder that appears to be just a single puncture - maybe a chain link fence? He is reported to be a climber, so we are being very cautious until we get to know him better.

He is absolutely wonderful with dogs of all sizes, doesn't even pay attention to the cats at all (the temp foster had nursing kittens - no reaction at all). He stayed in my home last night and didn't care about my cat, then this morning when I brought him to our facility he paid no mind to our 3 mousers as they ate their breakfast.

He definitely doesn't like being crated, did better in my 5x5 Retriever kennel in my spare bedroom for the night but he just wants to be next to you if possible. We are treating his wound and will see the vet soon for full vetting and neuter.

This guy is about 95-100 pounds but could easily gain 15-20 more pounds. He was infested with fleas/ticks do we have treated that and de-wormed as well.

This beautiful boy is gold, no idea why a family wouldn't come forward for him as he is sooooo sweet.

He was a bit anxious in the car, but obviously a lot of change in the last few days - so we will work on that if needed too. He walks very well in leash and just wants so much to be beside his people.

Niko will be available for foster or adoption in just a few weeks, so if interested please get your application in now!!

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