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Mastiff Mix


Fostered in:

4 years


Naemid is a 4 yo mastiff mix who has a not had a very good start in this world.

She had a litter of puppies 20 weeks ago that she clung on to until the previous rescue decided it was time for her to give them up.

She’s been in a shelter, in a home with a foster from a small dog rescue and now with our wonderful foster.

Naemid is enjoying her great big back yard, she enjoys being able to go out as she pleases.

She’s learning what toys are but doesn’t really know how to play with them.

She needs to learn how to be a dog, learn some basic obedience skills and needs to learn that all the good things she has right now aren’t going to be taken from her.

She’s sweet and cuddly and does well in her crate.

If interested in Naemid we adopt and transport nationwide!

Naemid is being foster in Florida

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