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Saint Bernard


Fostered in:

4 years


Ohhhh my Sweet Mozart!!! Mo Mo as we call him here has been in rescue foster 743 days!!!! This guy has challenged me in ways I never knew. He arrived at 18 months old, severely aggressive towards people, dogs, anything that moved and breathed! I had to save him, something cried out to me in his eyes and funny shaggy fur. He had been tried to rehome 2x thru another rescue, both times failed. He terrified the new owners. He suffered so much trauma - his story is crazy and his name fit him well.... I will try to be brief, but you can read all about him by just searching his name on our page.

He had a horrific reaction to the smell of BEER. He would literally attack a can of beer that wasn't even opened. Not all alcohol just beer... That was new for me. He was highly barrier aggressive and I literally thought he was going to bust thru my car windows on the way home and try to kill someone. Luckily he didn't. He gave me an ounce of trust to take him, but from that day forward I would have to EARN every ounce of it. He attempted to bite me multiple times, luckily I saw it coming every time in the first few months. I knew I was in over my head with him, but I do not quit!!! Our amazing Behaviorist, Trish has helped us really get him to a great place, but he will never fully be what he can be - here... He needs his own HOME! Fast forward to 2 years later, he loves other dogs as long as he can wrestle, play and they don't boss him around. His fear of the beer is gone, his fear of animals cat or dog is gone, but his hyper protective drive for those he loves will never leave.

I have spent over two years loving him the best I can but he deserves so much more than we can give him. He is happy here, it's sadly such a step up from what he had and he knows our routine like no other! He thrives on his routine! He will only eat 1x a day, he gets 2 PB Kongs a day (he will do anything for PB!) and treats on other rotations. He loves his crate, he loves his belly rubs, he loves his time with his foster siblings and he has been paired with many over the years. He knows his obedience skills very well, he is a pro with me but moving him to a forever home is going to be tough - thus why he is still here. He will need a slow transition, he will need someone who can earn his trust like I did. Someone who can give him the routine he needs and a strong experienced handler who can maintain control, read his signals and he gives very clear signals!!! Mozart has hyper attachment disorder, so once he loves you - it is his duty to protect you until the day he dies. I can walk him up to anyone, but NO ONE can walk up to me... If he feels they are a threat he wouldn't hesitate to give his life for mine... That touches my heart but also breaks it.

How do I find him a forever home? Is he Dangerous? NO, but in the wrong hands - Definitely... I need a family for him that will give him his time, let him fall head over heels for them the way he did us. He truly deserves to lay by your feet, on the couch, in a bed free from his Doggy Suite in my home. He deserves to run and play free from threats - he needs a rural home, that is not busy with visitors, that doesn't mind putting him away when guests arrive. He just will need to be safe with a family that doesn't have the need to share their dog with the world. He is a wonderful, loving boy - but he will never trust a stranger in your home to move freely about. He is now 3.5 years old, 165 pounds - please if you think you know someone who could handle this big lug of love, send them our way. He is happy here, but he deserves so much more and can be so much more!!! He has only ever had 1 qualified applicant, but unfortunately they lived in a city that I will never allow one of our dogs to live, especially one with his history. He has NO bite history, he truly is as loving and loyal as they come - but his heart is not big enough to share with any others. He will only have eyes for his people or person.. Obviously, no children under 16 years of age in the home.

Here's some photos from his life here at ASAR from the first day we got him until now over the last 2+ years. I'm going to cry like a baby when he leaves, but he truly deserves so much more than we can give him. This was supposed to be temporary, not forever - he cannot be free with my entire pack. I have another dog just like him, so they cannot be free together. Please share this boy, far and wide! He needs his own HOME!!! We ADOPT NATIONWIDE (upper 48 states) and Deliver nationwide or allow pick-ups. For the right home, I would pretty much do anything to get him there!

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