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anatolian shepherd/pyrenees mix


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Welcome Drake to #ASAR rescue family!!! Drake was picked up yesterday by Blanchard ACO and let me tell ya he is a BIGGIN!! He is likely 140+ pounds of stunning Anatolian/Pyrenees!!

I was meeting them to pick up our Wolf-oodle mix girl yesterday but they picked him up on the way so he is on a 3 day stray hold with us! This boy is HUMONGOUS and so sweet! He is chilling here at our facility, hoping for his family to come back for him but if not ny Tuesday he will be fully vetted and adoptable!

He has the most beautiful coat, it definitely needs deshedding and groomed but not a flea or tock on him so my thoughts are he is an LGD that wandered off.

He so far has been amazing and likes other dogs, hasn't bothered our resident kitties/mousers so would make anyone an amaxing pet!

I truly believe he is an Anatolian/Pyrenees mix. His body is all Pyrenees but his head and face screams Anatolian Shepherd.

If interested, dont hesitate, he is already neutered so just a full health check and vaccines this week is due. He is approximately 18mo-2 yrs and has the most beautiful white teefers!

Located in Oklahoma but we ADOPT NATIONWIDE/Canada and transport! Pm for an application!

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