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Anatolian Shepherd


Fostered in:

9 weeks


Welcome Isadora "Dora" to #ASAR rescue family! This girl is a 9 week old Anatolian Shepherd. She was surrendered to one of our rural shelters because she was trying to "kill" the chickens along with a Lab/Pyrenees mix. I only had one slot available so I could only take her . I pulled her immediately.

She wasn't trying to kill any chickens, the woman just put them in the pen with the chickens! Ugh - likely she was trying to PLAY with them cause she is a BABY and needs to be trained!!! I will never get over the idiocy of people just throwing a puppy into a chicken pen and expecting them to know what to do. Ugh. They must be trained, that typically takes 1-2 years!

This baby girl needs a FOSTER Home Or Forever home! She will be vaccinated and ready this week!

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