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Great Pyrenees


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Welcome Daisy, Bo & Duke to #ASAR rescue family! This is the momma who was supposed to come with 5 puppies, but the finder gave away all 3 females and we were there in less than 24 hours to pick up and help them.

Puppies are both males, still nursing so 5-6 weeks old but starting to eat real food and momma has awful flea/dermatitis and looks rough!

Her foster took her for a bath and cleaned her up, see last photo. We will be getting them all healthy and ready for adoption with vetting.

We have to teach the public better, Great Pyrenees have literally exploded in the last few years and as much as we appreciate the good Samaritans who help - please don't give away unaltered and unvetted babies!!

3 females not even legally allowed to be removed from mom went out to homes without any vetting and still nursing. By law they must be 8 weeks old and we had a foster ready. I'm so sad, upset and worried..

We picked them up Easter morning, that means our volunteer and our foster both put aside their festivities to save this family. Please stop working against us! We desperately need to STOP these people who will just end up breeding and put us in worse shape! So that's likely several litters over the next few years we have to help , the cycle continues...

We will make momma beautiful again!!! At least these 3 are safe!

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