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Great Dane


Fostered in:

18 months


Help me WELCOME "Alonia" to #ASAR Rescue family! This absolutely stunning Fawnequin Great Dane is only about 18 mo. Old and she's a bit scared and stand-off'ish right now.

She's been through 3 homes already and reported to have no manners or training skills which made it difficult for each home to help her....

I honestly don't think most people understand this is a HIGH ENERGY GIANT breed dog that requires training, solid consistency, good routine and just continued socialization for 3 years minimum - they still need practice after. They are solid steel running at you with bull whips for tails - they never know their size. They can reach the back of your countertops without "surfing"...

Yes they are gentle giants.

Yes they are loving GINORMOUS lap dogs.

Yes they are loyal and loving.


They are the HIGHEST energy giant breed dog, they were bred to HUNT! That is their insticts, thus they have to have energy!

However, if you don't fulfill their breed instincts in other ways, you end up with an out of control solid steel dog running into you, destroying your furniture, eating everything off of your counters and well - the tails will leave you whip marks on your legs and male parts too - so TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! Socialize, Socialize and keep training and socializing!

If given proper of everything above and all else, they are absolutely goofy, loving, ginormous lap dogs who love anyone and everything in sight!

We will get this girl where she needs to be, get her fully vetted and be sure she only has to go to one last forever home!!!

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